Bobiverse – A Pretty Interesting Read

I tried out Kindle eBooks a few months back because there was this free eBook related to writing prompts on crime and I wanted to get it. Thus, it came with a free 7 days subscription to Kindle Unlimited. I selected 10 eBooks, a reckless but necessary move because those were also free to read.

Unfortunately, I had no time to read and I started on Bobiverse, book 1 by Dennis E. Taylor. Before I managed to read finish, the trial version for Kindle Unlimited ended. I was not even halfway done with We Are Legion (We Are Bob). Thus, I began the search for the book in the NLB. No such luck.

This book cannot be found anywhere so that I can read it. The suspense is killing me and have half a mind to spend USD99 on Kindle Unlimited subscription, per year. Except, I may not necessarily have the luxury of time to read those eBooks. Thus, I am still in suspension over the lack of this particular book.

Now, if someone can share with me where to find this book, I will be grateful.

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