Raising The Mobility Devices Bar

There have been a number of publicised accidents regarding e-scooters and e-bikes. I have never been a fan of the riders when they sound their bells incessantly as if I were deaf. I heard  that the first time and have not deviated my walking pattern by zigzagging. So, lay off the bell sounds as if I was the one being rude.

There are a few things to bear in mind.

Narrow Footpath

It has been built that way for years before someone decided that it is a trendy thing to cycle again. We have to share the narrow footpath. Pedestrians should give way to cyclists who will not stop and disrupt their cycling momentum.

Be Considerate

If the person walking is someone who has difficulty walking despite the age, think properly before you decide to stare off the person or try to sound the bell non-stop. The sound is irritating when it is rung non-stop.

Use Headlights

You spent money on the headlights for a reason. Utilise it, especially when the natural light is not available. Obviously you have to use it at night. Yes, Singapore has the night sky lit up with all those street lamps but those lamps do spoil sometimes.

Dismount When Crowded

When the pavement or junction is crowded, the obvious method is to dismount and push your mobility devices unless you really need to ride it like those whose legs are no longer functioning. Surely you can walk, right?

Be Responsible

If you knocked down someone, at least take a look at your victim. Sure, the victims may be demanding but then again, your conscience is clear, no? Same for the person who was knocked down. At least be reasonable unless otherwise.

Invest in Videocam

GoPro is the best videocam for a good reason. The crisp video quality and other stuff. Protect your riding experience in the event that accidents happen. That is why cars and motorcycles are now equipped with car cams. Invest in one that you can transfer your videos to and delete when nothing eventful is happening in the videos.


The footpath and roads are all shared. Until we have a separate path for bicycles, e-scooters and other mobility devices, we give way to each other.

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