Modifying My Makeup Routine – Eyeshadow

I have always had trouble trying to put eyeshadow and ensuring that the lower part of my eye doesn’t contain a dot of fallout from the eyeshadow after 2 hours at work. Hence, I stopped putting on eyeshadows for a long time and lost my method of putting them on when I recently bought a palette to try out.

Since I am not so adventurous with the wild colours, I wanted to try a palette that has the colours in small amounts. My favourite go to colour is black that will act as an eyeliner combined with my liquid eyeliner that I finally decided to try out for the first time in my life. I have always been using pencil eyeliners because it is so much easier to practically colour the eyelids and when I open my eyes, the eyeliner just looks thin although I have drawn it thick. The trouble with monolids.

I read up about eyeshadow tricks for monolids and my favourite style is now the gradient eyeshadow. Suddenly, my eyes just look a lot better than the darker shades on the outer corners since my eyes are like so tiny. So, Buzzfeed has these links for enhancing the eye makeup game.

I’m currently still having problems with the floating eyeliner tricks though. I wanted to try the winged cat eye look and bought this set of cat stencil for eyeliner. It took me way longer to use the stencil though. A good demonstration of using the cat stencil would be by Tina Yong, my new favourite makeup tutorial YouTuber because she demonstrated the Asian makeup style that really appeals to me.

I’m going to stick to the gradient eyeshadow routine that is so much more fun when I open my eyes after that. The eyeliner is something else that I have keep working on. Probably going to buy a set of eye shields because of the fallout. My favourite brand of makeup doesn’t produce the colours that I can buy individually anymore. It has way less fallout than the ones that I’m using for now.

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