Book Review – Death By Dog Show

I usually prefer reading from holding books to read. However, every time I hold a book, I have to attend to other businesses. In the end, I managed to find the eBooks that I wanted to read.

At the moment, NLB is holding a National Reading Challenge from 1 Jul – 8 Sep 2019. I’m aiming to win that Surface Go prize more. I thought I could rack up the chances by borrowing more eBooks. However, the rules are that the borrowing chance is given once per week no matter what the number of eBooks that are borrowed. Damn.

Nevertheless, I actually want to share about this awkward book, Death by Dog Show, written by Arlene Kay. I can’t say that it was badly written. It was more like a prejudiced writer with stereotyped personalities and characters. I’m guessing that such people exist in the author’s life and were written in as a form of revenge. I could be wrong on this but that is not the point.

I cannot stand the main character, Perri Morgan. She kept talking on about her appearance and her BFF’s appearance and that ex-wife of her boyfriend’s appearance. What is the point of her having gone through the military and feeling insecure about her appearance?

I thought the focus of the story was about trying to solve the deaths and having shenanigans thrown along the way? The way that Perri harp about Pruett and the delicious cop named Roar was getting on my nerves. Are you in love or not in love with Wing Pruett? There was more talk about innuendos than anything else about digging out the clues for trying to solve the murders.

I’m not sure why I can’t pronounce some of the characters’ names. Or they look like names from the Baby Names Pedia. I pride in my grasp of English but there were way too much fancy phrases than I could understand.

I really wanted to like this book but unfortunately, I can’t. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

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