The Places You Shall Go

I love to travel. I just hate the packing part because I have to check in my luggage and I have separation anxiety issues when I am not near my luggage.

If I can ever have my stuff at all the places that I’m travelling to, it would be awesome. I’m thinking of Night Crawler’s amazing teleportation capabilities. Right now, a beach vacation sounds nice with this code: Beach Hotel Deal! Save $50 with Coupon Code HWIZ50*

Now, I love to spend little on the lodgings and more on my experiences such as food, shopping and more. So, a code with Find Cheap Hotels Worldwide and Save $100 on any booking of $1000 or more with Coupon Code HWIZ100* is the best answer to my needs.

I have been to Hong Kong, pretty sure I want to visit again but with the current rioting issues, 2019 to Hong Kong may not be a good idea. I might try Taiwan, Bali (so far the spicy food is putting me off) and Vietnam. Vietnam sounds unlikely because I can’t get used to the food. However, South Korea sounds good. Check out the hotels with Travel to Asia! Save $60 on any booking of $500 or more with Coupon Code HWIZ60*

So, I should look at the places before the year end instead of trying to book them with this Last Minute Travel Savings. Take $40 Off with Coupon Code HWIZ40*. Book Now!. Although, I have no idea if I need to resort to this.

Where will you be travelling to this year?

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