Exploring MIUI 10

So, I finally bought Xiaomi Mi 9. My first Xiaomi phone since it was launched in Singapore years back. I did win that darn cute Mi Bunny when they held a contest. So treasuring that pillow to the point where I have kept it in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting dirty. It’s darn hard to find that in Singapore.

I’m happy with my purchase and finding it difficult to navigate the UI since I’m more used to Huawei’s UI. So, I managed to activate the dual apps and WhatsApp gave me a headache.

I can change the notification settings but in the dual app for WhatsApp, I’m unable to. The displayed message was “No apps can be performed using this action.” So, I find it frustrating that I cannot separate my notification tones to differentiate it from SMS and WhatsApp.

Eventually, I found a solution after using the error message instead of using “Dual app WhatsApp notification settings” or something to that effect. Apparently, I have to go to Settings ➜ Installed Apps ➜ WhatsApp (the icon with dual app) and then change the notification tones. Only one ringtone for the calls via WhatsApp was not available to be changed.

I prefer the tones instead of vibration because my phone tend to be in another location at home and I always put it in the bag instead of my pocket. I’m not bending my phone.

One annoying issue is that all app notifications are defaulted to soundless effect. I had to change the settings individually for each app under Settings ➜ Notifications.

Another frustration is that I cannot separate my notification volume from the ringtone. Why one earth do I want my notification tone to be the same loud volume as my ringtone? If the next update for MIUI can be done, please separate it. I have tried installing apps to modify the volume but to no avail because of the way it is managed by the MIUI.

Other than that, I’m quite happy with MIUI at the moment besides the above annoyances.

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