Grimm – Mixed Feelings

When I first started Grimm, it was pure accidental find. I liked watching it and have finally managed to finish watching it. So, the final season was rather short. Yet, I can’t fault it either. Just like when I was trying to finish watching Warehouse 13. It’s final season was also short.

So, the final season focused on how the Grimms came together and how Monroe and Rosalee were having triplets. Since Monroe was a Blutbad and Rosalee was a Fuchbau, having babies in litters was like natural.

Grimm borrows on naming the creatures by using mostly German. Although other creatures have their names from various languages too. I must say, the combination of different languages into this series is rather impressive. All the wesens from this series are from various myths and legends. It’s like paying homage to the legends.

The final season did squeezed a few tears in some episodes where the deaths were not done with murderous intentions. What Grimm dealt with consisted of family, values and friendship. There were a few quirks that I found strange.

It was utterly amazing that Adalind could give birth and be able to move without pain by the next day, probably less than 24 hours. The first time, she had no issue with moving. Natural birth does allow one to move without pain by 72 hours. Actually, less pain.

Her second birth was by C-section and she was discharged by the next morning. In addition, she had no pain with moving and bending and all. Best of all, she was able to wear high heels during her pregnancy. Doesn’t she suffer from backache?

It was a bittersweet ending to this series but I can understand why this had to end. It did play out the final season nicely with me wondering what the triplets would have looked like and what they could woge into.

The book that closed in the ending was a good closure.

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