A Series of Unfortunate Events – Dreary Journey It is Not

Since I have the chance to watch Netflix, a subscription that is done by DD, I decided to watch A Series of Unfortunate Events that is a Netflix Original. I wanted to find out if it was done faithfully to the books and I downloaded the first book. It was really done real close to what the book was written.

I had watched the movie first since it is the fastest way to do some catching up. The movie picked on only the selective parts and changed how the books ended. More of a PG rated style.

The TV series was more faithful. Since it was a series, there was more time for the characters to interact and be developed. My favourite character happens to be Sunny. Her cute random screeches and babblings that are subtitled into words are funny. It’s amazing how she is carried throughout the first season and her calm demeanour when the scenes got dangerous.

As she grew up through the seasons, she got to do more stuff like cooking and lock-picking – not seen in the series. It is always amazing how Violet got her wheels thinking when solving the difficult situations while Klaus would read the books for answers and clues.

The children got into almost everywhere and without the need to attend school. Sunny also got a job as an assistant admin. Seriously, how on earth does she get paid for just that?

There were situations in the series that got me thinking about real life and how did those apply. Sometimes, I think too much about applying real life to those dramas and movies. Like how Violet didn’t break out in sweat just by carrying Sunny through the forest when they got lost trying to get away from Count Olaf.

There was always a special seat for Sunny at every location. How is that possible? The unfortunate events that the children encountered along the way were really unfortunate and that Arthur Poe, the so-called executor was rather inept at looking after them. Although, he did follow them throughout their journey until the trial. He was totally lousy at discovering Olaf’s disguises. That cough of his though.

I quite liked how the series was done and wrapped up in just 3 seasons.

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