Hot Dry Months

For the past few months, there had been no rain. At first, I was happy not to bring out my rain shoe covers and umbrella. However, as the days drag into weeks, there had been the occasional spells of rain only to be brought to a halt within an hour.

The weather had been hot and nothing but hot. Each time I did some light climbing of the stairs, I broke out in sweat and dripping down my back. Now, if I can lose that set of love handles with this so easily.

I have been walking around the workplace and most of the time, I prefer my seat in the air-con room. I’m just so glad that I don’t have to walk about so much unless there is a crisis to be handled with a device that needs to be exchanged or temporarily replaced.

I have no idea how long this hot weather will last. However, I have come to appreciate what the reservoirs have been doing for us. If no one had the vision to build reservoirs, I doubt we would still be able to use the tap water at home. We might have to queue up just to get the rationed water just like in the 60s.

I’m hoping for some rainy days soon. Hopefully when I don’t need to get to work that kind of timing.

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