Travelers TV Review

I should not use review in my title so much since I’m more about posting my impressions. I have been binge watching on Netflix and since Travelers kept popping up in my recommended shows, I decided to give it a try.

Can’t say that it is all that bad and can’t say that it is that great. It does have a fan base, hence, it lasted for 3 seasons which I think is just nice. The main characters, MacLaren, Marcy, Philip, Carly and Trevor are in the same team and from the start, they worked coherently together. Which is amazing. It seemed like their briefing in the future had been successful.

Travelers is about the future being led by The Director who is apparently an AI built by humans, that much I learned from Season 2, and also Fandom Wiki which I can’t help referring from time to time. However, travelers are sent back to the 21st century to correct the major errors or prevent catastrophic events such as some deaths and meteorite from hitting the earth.

The travels inhabit or take over the conscious of people who have been known to historically recorded to have died at a certain time, place and date. This set of data is known to The Director who will then proceed to put the travelers into the particular conscious of the person.

I’m much impressed by how they only use the conscious of the mind which effectively, the person whose conscious is to be taken over, is officially dead. What is even more impressive is that the conscious can be sent back in time. Travelers are known by their numbers but when they take over the conscious mind, they use the host’s name instead. Which is a kind of respect for the host. I think.

The problem with taking over another person’s life is that you don’t have that personality of the person. You have your personality. Hence, Carly had a hard time with the abusive Jeff although the new Carly could whip his ass hands down.

One of the characters that I really dislike most of the time was Jeff. The abusive cop who pretended his family life was alright and he was the best father in the world to his clueless colleagues.

The tone of the series was more like moral values being questionable at times and the unwavering loyalty of the main team to The Director. I mean, when AI makes the life decision for you, it means that you no longer have the functions of a human. You are being controlled by AI and how on earth do people actually allow that to happen?

Overall, I can’t say that I’m a fan of Travelers and it is tough. I loved The Librarians and Warehouse 13 more though.

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