The I-Land Review of Sorts

I have watched with utter regret the show that kept popping up in my recommendations, The I-Land. It was painful to watch and I could not even continue 5 minutes into the show. Good grief.

The dialogues were weird and Brody, that serial rapist was a total jackass and I couldn’t wait to see his character get written off fast enough. Now, in real life, sharks don’t just attack people unless they have nothing to eat and they are attracted to mostly marine life blood.

Those people who decided to take a swim were not bleeding in the first place. So, why did the shark attack Donovan? I hope I got the name right. So, I agree with others, this is a terrible, no good, show. The title sounds Sci-fi-ish enough but the series, thank God, 7 episodes only, was not Sci-Fi-ish.

The female characters, Chase and KC hate each other for unknown reasons. At least explain that later on, man. Come on!

The series is a limited series, which I have no idea what it means. Probably only those working in Netflix will know. I gotta hand it to those who watched all 7 episodes, probably with patience that I don’t have for such a show.

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