Season 5 of Step Up Challenge

So, I joined in the Season 5 of Step Up challenge. The unfortunate thing is that I cannot get a new step tracker because I redeemed it in Season 4. The step tracker for Season 5 is better, there are colours in the time display and there is also a Pokemon kit for collection that I’m eligible for but the kit is all out of stock. Basically, I’m not collecting anything this season.

Let’s hope the next season, I do get something. My dislike for the current tracker is that I can’t change the time display to 12 hours format. I have difficulty translating the 1735 hours. Now, if this tracker is able to show the analogue version, I would be happy.

I’m asking for too much. Oh well. It is free. I can’t expect too much. However, can I have a way to change the settings of the tracker like the time format though?

The app itself still take some time to load but better now. I’m still waiting for the workplace to start allowing us to register for the corporate challenge. I missed the registration date last year because I joined in after the cut off date.

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