CloudFlare Is A Bonus

So, I mentioned that I am playing around with InfinityFree and discovered CloudFlare. Not that Dreamhost doesn’t have. I never did have any trouble setting it up because I didn’t need to change hostname or DNS servers.

When InfinityFree has this option, I had to try it out. However, I don’t think CloudFlare host the domain. I thought CloudFlare allows me to have a cache of sorts at its site while I continue to host my domain somewhere. The domain that I’m using is actually free. So, I’m not confused on how to use CloudFlare.

CloudFlare is actually supporting my paid domains though. I like it because it helps to keep a backup of my domains. Although, I’m parking one free domain at CloudFlare, I have no idea how I’m going to use it since I can’t install anything.

Now, why are some of the reasons that I like CloudFlare?

  1. It helps to speed up the site. I have run my sites on websites that test the speed and I have way too much things slowing them down.
  2. For protecting just one site, CloudFlare is free. What is better than free protection and speeding up the websites?

Now, for those who want real people who have used it and tried the customer support, it is unfortunate for them to have this service being provided but not up to their standards. Here’s a link to their frustrations.

We just want our websites to be protected and CloudFlare is there to provide some form of protection. It can be better, I’ll admit.

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