Review of Glitch

The idea of people coming back to life due to the experiment of one Elishia who simply wanted to revive a dead more than 200 years ago William Blackburn. I had to get to season 2 before I know the real name of John whom she had a tendency to call him John.

For some weird reason, she fell in love with him while researching him. I felt glitch-y just watching the 3 seasons. So glad that it was just 3 seasons and no more torturing. I just wanted some closure and am so glad that it was a short seasoning series.

By the 3rd episode of season one, I was practically skipping almost every other minute because I didn’t know why the characters came back to life and how on earth did Elishia make them come alive and be able to splinter those coffins and through the stones.

I mean, those coffins must have been real thin for them to break out after suddenly growing muscles and what-nots from just the chemicals that Elishia had somehow sprinkled or something onto the earth in order to awaken her lover.

There were flashbacks on the lives of The Risen, they were called subsequently. There never was really anyone trying to test their blood for the gory reason of claiming that they invented a way to become undead.

There were only a few killers after them to create the balance. If one were dead, one stayed dead instead of being recalled as if necromancy was being conducted for some mild fantasy of someone.

The series seemed unsure of where the direction was going. One thing is for sure, it kept going on between the love triangle of James (the cop), Kate (once dead wife who was now The Risen) and Sarah (BFF of Kate and 2nd wife of James).

Then, there was this weird friendship/love(?) between Kirsten and Charlie. Seriously, Charlie, you can’t decide if you want to be straight or gay? Even Kirsten knew that and rejected him because he could not decide who he was. Ya died once mate, given this second chance, ya still lost?

Now, Paddy, the once Mayor of Yoorana was one heck of a character. I dare say he had more character building time than anyone else in the seasons. He cared enough to ensure that the offspring of his from the tryst with Kalinda, his slave when he was alive, were taken care off. Just look at that guy doing whatever he could to make part of the sales of the house go to Beau and his family.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see it to fruition but he didn’t die in vain the second time. Sarah killed him because of Phil (Beau’s father, I’m guessing) showing her that The Risen were meant to be dead.

The whole show was developed partially, I felt. I couldn’t feel the building of the characters and I was rather disappointed at such an awesome sounding synopsis. Reading just the important parts in Wikipedia felt more interesting than the seasons themselves.

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