Fashion Galore at Hotel Del Luna

I can’t remember a time when there was so much fashion being displayed for any drama series that I have watched. The only item that I fancied that time after watching something about fox spirits was that pair of ear cuffs that were shaped like fox ears. Eventually, I never found a replica.

So, I was watching this Hotel Del Luna, I resisted watching Korean dramas since they tend to be mostly long winded revenge series. However, this was about life and death. A short series with fancy jewellery worn by the lead actress. I cannot believe how many costume changes that she went through in just this series. I lost count.

So, I found that I like a few items that she had. Or rather, the show showed me the various jewellery. From Swarovski (my favourite brand) to other designs. They showed her wearing different rings, I think one of it was this design.

Then, there was this dreamcatcher necklace that belonged to a dead student who was killed accidentally by another student who would bully her. Somehow, the dead ghost took over the body due to the grudge. The bully became a ghost and eventually got obliterated by her parents who didn’t know that the necklace was linked to their dead daughter. I can’t find a replica but the link is real close to what I think the necklace design is.

Then, there is this hair piece but the replica is more of a collectors item than useful for using it in the hair. The white round opal like with a slash and other designs at the side. I love this design.

As the Jang Man-Wol’s name meant full moon, the character had a few items that were moon related. Mostly from Swarovski collections.

Now, besides the jewellery, the clothes were so many that I have no idea where she got them from. She would try to match the outfits to her intentions and most of the time, the preference was long sleeves. Probably due to the character coming from an ancient time.

Due to this series, I have been looking for that crescent moon necklace. I am still wondering if I want that dreamcatcher necklace though.

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