Review of Hotel Del Luna

I rarely post about the same show twice. However, I felt that the initial feelings about this series warranted a post by itself. This was in Netflix after I had added Ashes of Love which I have yet to finish watching. I tend to watch short series more because I can only use so much data when I’m on the road.

On another note, I am thinking of changing to a more value added data plan with plenty of data and lost cost. Who doesn’t want it?

Now, Hotel Del Luna is rather interesting since it runs on the concept that there is a resting place for lost souls or spirits with unfulfilled desires. The place or hotel as Jang Man-Wol called it for her vanity’s sake, provides a service or various services for a price to settle their unfulfilled desires.

Some ghosts as the series tend to call them wanted revenge as shown in episode one. There is this boy and his father walking around and meeting a Mago, they didn’t know at that time, the father received a flower, a symbol that he was about to pass on to another life.

For some reason, he ended up at Hotel Del Luna because his spirit was wandering about. Jang Man-Wol let him go by making him promise his son to her. He was unable to leave his son all alone and agreed eventually. She provided him the means to send his son, Koo Chan Sung, to study and of all things, being a hotelier. The irony. Koo Chan Sung had no intention of working at Hotel Del Luna and had saved up the money owed including interest in hopes that Jang Man-Wol would let him be freed from the service.

Alas, it was meant to be. The Mago had the intention of making him work at Hotel Del Luna by working her ways serendipitously. So, thus, began the journey of Koo Chan Sun annoying Jang Man-Wol to no end and eventually falling for each other.

I enjoyed watching them banter in the first few episodes. What I appreciate is that the flashbacks are just repeats of the episodes shown previously. They showed new flashbacks that were just short interactions as the characters reminisce the moments spent together.

The cute and young receptionist was rather entertaining towards the end with his childish temper upon discovering that he had to let go of his grudges. This was facilitated by his girlfriend Yuna. The young girl possessed by the ghost, the original owner of the body was obliterated by the parents who unknowingly burnt the object signifying the attachment of the spirit.

The entertaining part of the show was how protective Man Wol actually was of her long time serving staff. She wanted to be strong and she often displayed her strong self to others and not willing to be shown as someone who was weak.

Sanchez, the best friend of Chan Sung was also another entertaining character because he was afraid of ghosts as shown when he picked up a red packet after being forced off the bicycle by Man Wol who didn’t want Chan Sung to pick up. This definitely showed that she was starting to like him and was jealous as shown through this particular episode.

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