Review of Bring It On, Ghost

Scary ghost dramas are not my thing. I watched this on Netflix because partly the plot was not totally about scary scenes and the leads are pretty and handsome. Not that it was important but the synopsis did interest me.

Dramabeans has all the recaps so I will not go there. The first half of the series until the the 8th episodes was about how this girl who was a ghost could fight pretty well and beat up the guy who could see ghosts because of a trauma he suffered when he was five.

The flashbacks were about how he lost his mother in front of him when she was pushed by a black mist into an oncoming car. The guy, Bong Pal, was ostracised by his peers because they didn’t understand him and see things move without anyone moving.

He would talk to invisible things that scared those who couldn’t see them. This fascinated the two seniors who were with him in the haunted school illegally. In Rang and Cheon Sang were part of the school’s group that they had formed as Ghost Net. Cheong Sang was about being the leader as he had business ideas. Although he was the greedy, In Rang stood by him.

Eventually, they found a way to recruit Bong Pal because of his ability to fight the ghosts and get rid of them. They made use of his crush, Seo Yeon, to join the club which was later renamed to Sundae Soup, weird name, IMO. I mean, it sounded more like a restaurant with fusion food.

Cheong Sang was more receptive to reading the body languages than In Rang. Hence, he knew Bong Pal had a crush on Seo Yeon. In Rang was about being great in using the computer to get information.

Hyun Ji initially tried to follow Bong Pal because he was the only one who could see her and started to like him after that. Monk Myung Cheol was the one who got rid of the evil spirit in Bong Pal but the experience let Bong Pal gain the abilities of seeing ghost that Monk Myung Cheol later realised. Hence, he spent most of his time with him to ensure that he was looked after.

Bong Pal’s father left him because of reasons that were later revealed to be a form of protection from the evil spirit that was determined to possess Bong Pal. Apparently, Bong Pal had the special ability of exorcising ghosts inherited from his mother who refused to be a medium because of him.

What made me watch this series to the end was the number of episodes, just 16. The flashbacks were interesting although weirdly joined at times during the start of the episodes. Hyun Ji enjoyed eating food and she showed her love for eating and her weakness was meat. Hence, Bong Pal won her heart the second time when he realised that she was in a coma, hence, the memory loss.

The subsequent episodes after the 8th episode showed more back story of how Hye Sung, the handsome and swoon worthy professor due to his age and gentle talking to everyone around him became possessed by the very evil spirit that was stalking Bong Pal.

He would not take over Bong Pal until the weapon that could destroy his spirit completely was destroyed. He was great at pretending to get to know the students for the first time.

The scenes between Bong Pal and Hyun Ji were heartwarming because I would totally love to be loved like that. Caring. Always there when I need help. Seriously, how does he find out where she would be when she left the cafe in a fit due to Seo Yeon’s presence and saved her from falling down the stairs?

It was not all bed and roses with some people trying to make Bong Pal and Hyun Ji break up. Ultimately, this was light horror with some comedic scenes thrown in.

I quite enjoyed this short series because Hyun Ji was not that helpless. She had a black belt in Taekwondo.

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