Review of Busted

Busted is a collaboration between Netflix and Korea. A concept that was depicted like a variety show testing the detective skills of the 7 celebrities using their names to solve the puzzles through out each episode. The stories were woven into each episodes and the first season showcased the 7 of them using their wits to solve the puzzles. Those puzzles were definitely sponsored. I mean, how much money was involved in making a room shrink with all the gears intended to move when the answers were wrong?

Kwang Soo was the hilarious one with his innocence and he always had a backpack with two cameras that were shown from those point of view at times. He was also the one who got wet most of the time when the puzzles involved water.

Jae Suk would try to be smart ass but he wasn’t really. The real brains in the group was Min Young. I love her. She could solve the puzzles by thinking it through. Ahn Jae Wook was the calm guy who would allow the others to work instead of him. Sehun was competitive as it was seen more clearly in season 2.

In season 2, they introduced competing group that were the Genius Detectives whose brains at solving puzzles the required intellectual knowledge were stronger than the initial team who were later dubbed the Bumbling Detectives.

When the two teams were competing, it was hilarious trying to see them do underhanded things to undermine the other team from winning.

The show was rather comedic rather than serious since the guest stars would sometimes laugh when the main stars spoke from their hearts when they were insulted.

I liked this show since it pulls my heart in pretending to be a detective.

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