Review of Hakuouki SSL

It was a random find since I wanted to watch a Japanese series. This was just 6 episodes. So, I decided that it was the perfect one for me. It began with a group of men wielding swords barging into a house to rescue a girl.

There were some dialogues and just words to threaten each other and all. This is a flashback to the time of swords or similar to Meiji era. Then, the scenes switched to modern times where kids study in this high school that had just changed from an all boys to co-ed.

Typical story line with this pretty girl who basically required rescuing almost every other minute. I had no idea what I was getting into until the 3rd episode with the continuation of the flashback of the same group of handsome men fighting. The flashbacks had some variations but it was getting tiresome when they lasted for at least 5 minutes per episode.

I chose to skip the flashbacks because they didn’t contribute to the plot, IMO. I am just glad that the 6 episodes didn’t kill me with the cringe-worthy scenes by the end I managed to watch finish. The female lead was cute in her own way and she didn’t seem like the smart kind in terms of academics. I have no idea how on earth she managed to enrol herself into this prestigious college.

I understand that this series was actually inspired by the video game of the same name. SSL stands for Sweet School Life. I must say, holding a maid cafe in the school festival is rather too much though. They have a fetish or what?

If you are up for some cute looks and weird hair wigs for the boys, their hair styles are slightly different but it does come the era of early 2000s where the anime characters have huge hair with weird styles and colours. The hair doesn’t even fly in the wind.

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