Review of Once Upon in Lingjian Mountain

If truth be told, I skipped a number of scenes in this series. Some of them are just cringe-worthy to me. The whole series contains speeches that are used in the current times than ancient times. Well, in My Drama List, Lingjian Sect was set in the year 4233.

I just discovered that the male lead was actually Fu Heng in Yanxi Palace Story. The difference in the characteristics is a huge contrast. It gives him the allowance to show his skills as a actor.

The story of this series is about a young chap, named Wang Lu, who wanted to be a cultivator. He has this way of getting into the higher levels of Lingjian Sect due to his high level of core. He is the lead after all, he has to be fantastic in some ways.

Somehow, he made friends with Hai Yun Fan, a secretive fellow until a certain point in the series showed that he belonged to another sect while his elder brother had strong fighting skills than him. Wang Lu respected his wishes to remain anonymous.

Another fellow that he made friends with, this one super rich family, was Wen Bao. He is cute and loves to eat, a hobby that he shares with Xiao Liuli, the top female cultivator in the sect. She hid behind this personality due to reasons that were revealed later in the series.

Wang Lu’s relationship with Wang Wu had always been full of squabbles yet, they both cared about each other by doing things for each other that they were aware of only later.

Wang Lu’s character is more a carefree guy who doesn’t really care about being the world number 1 pugilist. Wang Wu was more about earning money and more money. The spirits stones that she earned were often spent on wine which was discovered to be dulling her monthly pains due to her training of Qiangu something. Her special Thousand Bones technique that made her invulnerable to hits. Something that she fine-tuned by the time Wang Lu was made to learn it.

The whole series is wacky and I would like a season 2 because of the ending. It was a cliffhanger. I mean, will there be more to Xiao Liuli and Hai Yun Fan? Will Wen Bao get together with Yue Xin Yao? Cast list is here.

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