Review of Lost in Space 2018

I found Lost in Space being recommended in my list. I thought the trailer looked interesting enough for me and it did. As usual, I binge watch. You never know when you might have the time to finish watching the series.

I remember The Swiss Family Robinson and this was based on the characters, hence, a tribute to their name and their time spent on trying to survive on that island. Amazing how deserted islands can let humans survive.

This was interesting because I was wondering how they re-fueled their space ship. Apparently, they have discovered a way to use a machine to just draw out the components from whatever raw materials and convert them into fuel. Now, why can’t we spend our time making this sort of machine rather than firing missiles at each other?

The main antagonist was truly resourceful and amazingly good at reading people. She took over someone’s identity and always a few steps ahead of escaping and saving herself. Smith was not about helping people but she had great psychology skills.

The youngest in the family, Will, was close to this alien robot that could heal itself. For some reason, the robot was particularly protective of him and Will made friends, sort of, with another robot that initially wanted to kill them.

The Robinson family had their own issues to work out throughout the series and they discovered their responsibilities and worth eventually. The family met up with other people and I’m always amazed that the planets they landed on had oxygen. They never needed to wear any helmets although I do wonder, how did they repair their suits when they got damaged?

What I do like is their 3D printer. It felt like the 2010s instead of in the year 3000 something. Now, to add some comic relief, Don West and his pet chicken, that he had fondly rescued after the crash with Smith, appeared in the later part of the series. He was much disliked by Judy Robinson because of his mercenary personality. Although, he was an excellent engineer.

Don named his chicken Debbie and would talk to her at times as if she were human. He entrusted Debbie only to Judy and sometimes, Penny when he was required to go out of the space ship and use his abilities.

I quite enjoyed this series and wonder if they will come out with the 3rd season to explain the ending of Season 2.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

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