Review of The Untamed

I knew how much I would enjoy this series. It is mostly male cast and the males are so handsome. According to teenage hormones. 陈情令 is rather enjoyable because Wei Wuxian (courtesy name Wei Ying) has this happy face all the time. He is someone who doesn’t care about powers and yet, his fighting skills before he lost his golden core was strong. A golden core was required to hold and wield a sword.

It was after his long time friend and brother lost his that he sacrificed his and for years, that silly ambitious brother of his never knew. Jiang Cheng was a hot tempered guy who cared for Wei Wuxian even though his care wasn’t as deep at Lan Wanji (courtesy name Lan Zhan). Wei Wuxian preferred to call him Lan Zhan and this Lan Zhan was a emotionless guy most of the time.

He had the best sword fighting skills too and was on par with Wei Wuxian. Subsequently, he developed a friendship with Wei Wuxian despite his initial dislike.

The series has flashbacks and the history of how Wei Wuxian came to be was sort of explained. I still don’t get how and when they decided to name him Yiling Pariah. With the lost of his golden core, he became well versed with using amulets and the flute.

The series does have theme songs for the characters and it took a while for the songs to grow on me. It drew tears at some points and the sad parts were the memories of Jiang Yanli, the elder sister of Jiang Cheng and guardian of Wei Wuxian. She truly cared for them and never blamed Wei Wuxian for “betraying” the Yunmeng clan.

I never knew what happened to Wen Qing whose brother, Wen Ning, was like an innocent boy. He became the sword for Wei Wuxian and was often there when Lan Wangji was unable to. Wen Qing’s character wasn’t that well developed, I feel. She felt like a character who was there to fill up the female cast.

After all, this series is a Boys Love theme, females tend to have less presence. For the parents of Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng, they initially gave me this neglected wife feel because the wife was always not present. She appeared only to lecture Wei Wuxian for trying to lead her beloved son astray and she favoured Jiang Cheng.

However, when the parents fought and died, they did care for each other, just hard on the outside. They disagreed with how Wei Wuxian seemed to be leeching onto the family. Personally, I felt that Madam Yu was jealous of Wuxian’s capabilities and she would push any punishments to him.

However, she acknowledged Wuxian’s abilities to keep her precious son safe when Wen Zhuliu was brought by Wen Chao to attack the Lotus Pier was unsaid but her stern orders said otherwise.

The appearance of Jin Ling, the nephew of Jiang Cheng, kept me thinking about how he would look good as Nezha. Lan Sizhui was rather cute and he was more calm in handling situations than Jin Ling was.

Overall, aside from the weird CGi effects, I enjoyed this series. One of the complex characters was Meng Yao who subsequently became Jin Guang Yao because he was the illegitimate son of Jin Guang Shan, a playboy, and who cared about face.

Jin Guang Yao was scheming but he was loyal to Zewu Jun, Lan Xi Chen, because he was the only one who was kind to him. His smile to Lan Xi Chen was always genuine and the smiles to others were fake. I must say, the actor had skills.

The character of Jin Zi Xuan made me angry because he was about face/pride and he didn’t want the marriage to Yanli and only back-pedalled when he found out how nice she was. He never spoke up for her and only when she had given birth. I have no idea why she was in love with him in the first place.

The character of Xue Yang was also evil and yet, he seemed to have feelings of brotherhood for Song Zi Chen after spending time with him. Even though he was the one responsible for his death.

This is a 50-episode series and probably one of the few that I had the patience to watch.

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