Review of Live Up to Your Name

I began watching this after it showed up in the recommendations a few times in my Netflix feed. I have enjoyed this series and it made me laugh a lot and cry a lot too.

Heo Im, the acupuncturist, whose skills were superb due to his daily patients of more than a dozen, travelled to modern Korea after being shot by arrows. The mysterious needle box was always by his side. The engravings would appear over the time because of his resolutions and change of heart.

In modern Korea, he met up with Cheo Yeon Gyeong, a doctor whose surgical skills that she was proud of and they got on to the wrong foot at first. Their time spent together was mostly how she kept telling him to go away and yet, she enjoyed spending time with him.

Heo Im had this comic side when he would laugh gleefully after introducing himself to the gaggle of old ladies clamouring for his skills in curing them. His innocence in modern development and yet he wasn’t overly scared of the equipment was amazing. He appreciated the equipment and I must say, his travelling method between modern and ancient Korea was rather painful.

Heo Im truly cared for patients and the process of curing people. However, his circumstances often prevented his rise despite his skills and ability to cure people. It was something that he needed to work out despite Heo Jun’s help (he was his teacher after all).

Cheo Yeon Gyeong had her demons to work out and the two of them eventually worked things out. The pair had squabbles and it was especially cute towards the end.

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