Review of Doctor X

Since I was looking for something else to watch, it was to my delight that Doctor X was showing on NetFlix. I thought it only had 4 seasons but it had launched until 6! A rare case for Japanese series.

Each season lasts about 8 to 10 episodes. As I continued watching it, I can see that while Akira, mentor to Michiko Daimon, was rather exorbitant with his fees, he was also a fatherly figure to her. He would keep the huge commission for himself and the rest as a salary to Daimon. She never knew how much he kept until he fell sick.

Subsequently, she didn’t care about it while Jonouchi was concerned because her daughter had to attend ballet school overseas. The character of Daimon was someone who cared about patients and her chances for surgery.

Each episode had cases of at least 2 difficult surgeries that the head doctors or professors would fail to complete and require her to swoop in at the last minute to save the patients. The surgeons who nearly killed their patients would get the credit.

By the time it was in season 5, there were some changes. Nothing major but one or two characters that Daimon helped gave her credits. They would always happen to Director Hiruma, the antagonist who appeared in more seasons than the rest.

Hiruma as all about staying on top and gaining more money by any means. Knowing his character, Akira would charge the fees and by the 6th season, he was charging more.

The seasons are about power and politics running around hospitals. Hence, I was tired of the repetition by season 5 and was hoping to finish it soon.

I love the ending for season 6. Amazing how the patients may live on an island but superbly rich.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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