Review of The Ghost Bride

So there I was browsing through Netflix and The Ghost Bride kept popping in due to my watching habits. Apparently, I have been watching quite a number of paranormal series.

The series has only 6 episodes so it is rather reasonable for my preferences. The series is about the lead being proposed by the matriarch of the Lim family to be the bride of her deceased son.

Pan Li Lan, the lead, was being pressured to be the bride of Lim Tian Ching who died because he was poisoned. When her father became unconscious due to his soul being stuck in the Nether World, she had to find out who killed Tian Ching before her father passed away due to his soul being stuck.

Tian Ching was enjoying his time in the Nether World, so Er Lang, the Heavenly Guard was sent to investigate why he was not reincarnated yet. He would seemingly stalk Li Lan when she went around trying to find out who was the culprit.

The series was rather enjoyable because of the antics that Er Lang always did to Li Lan and her reactions to him. Eventually, they found out the culprit who poisoned Tian Ching.

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