Review of Unchained Fate

The synopsis was enough to catch my attention. Thus, I started watching this Malaysian production. It started with some weird animation about a meteor falling onto earth and this chimpanzee touched it due to its curiosity.

This began a chain of events. The series jumped from the 1980s to the 2016 from time to time. There would be repeated flashbacks and it got tiresome towards the last episode because the repeated flashback was getting on my nerves. They felt more like fillers rather than explain the sequence of events.

This series delved into the realms of the spirits wanting to find closure upon their deaths before they were sent for reincarnation. Reincarnation is a topic that is prevalent in the Chinese history.

The fighting scenes were not fancy. There were magical moments involved. The subtitles for the names tend to get confused. Si Yu changed to Xi Yi or Xi Yu which can be confusing for non-Chinese speakers.

Si Yu was the focus as she had the powers to control the three stones. She was the reincarnation of Fang Ke Xin, Sen He was the reincarnation of Zhang Xiao Quan, who was the lover of Fang Ke Xin.

Si Yu’s adopted father was actually Gong Guo Li who changed his name to Uncle Wei in order to avoid his ex-lover who changed her name from Li Hua to Hei Yan. For a series that was only 13 episodes, the characters sure have a lot of names.

Towards the ending, the boyfriend of Si Yu, Bo Yu was actually the reincarnation of Guo Jing Xian, the dead son of Gong Guo Li and Li Hua. The series did have some good going until the last episode with the WTH ending. Perhaps to fit the title since it is “Unchained Fate” after all.

I did enjoy watching it until the end though. Although I’m not sure what kind of ending I would have preferred.

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