Review of Scholar Who Walks The Night

Since I was watching one where there were vampires, I was recommended this by NetFlix. Based on the genre of the shows that I watched, Netflix will show related in terms of themes.

This was rather interesting. I did have some confusion about telling apart the 2 scholars while they were in the library. After that, there were apparently 2 females who looked the same to me. So, Scholar Who Walks The Night was about this scholar who had awesome fighting skills to make him even more dashing, turned into a vampire because he was the chosen one to save the world.

This happened in a alternate Joseon, this era is a favourite from what I have watched in other shows. Like that Live Up To Your Name. Some of the palace locations were the same in Live Up To Your Name. I guess, there are only so many locations left.

Anyway, as the years passed after Kim Sung Yeol turned into a vampire hunter met Jo Yang Sun who dressed up as a boy to make ends meet. Apparently, she had the skills of an ace detective when it came to finding rare, banned and whatever books there were out of reach.

The two of them had an angst filled drama throughout and it just made me frustrated after episode 5. Considering that this was a 20-episode drama, I was in a hurry to get to the final episode just to see if the two of them ended their angst. There were a lot of sacrifices made. Tears flowed like rivers. Blood splattered around. Vampires are involved, so blood have to flow.

Since this drama was in 2015, there are spoilers which I may include in my review at times. Initially, I thought the pace of the story was good. The discovery and all those. What was beautiful was that Sung Yeol accepted Yang Sun’s dressing up as a boy in order to do her things. He was also particularly protective towards her.

Prince Lee Yoon never stood a chance to woo Yang Sun as she was particularly caring towards Sung Yeol. The main antagonist was the other vampire that killed Sung Yeol best friend, Prince Junghyun and lover Myunghee. This other vampire was Gwi whose thirst for power was huge.

The other antagonist was Hye Rung’s (doppelganger of Myunghee) father, a minister whose name I cannot find online (weird), was all about using the vampire who could not come out in the day and he wanted the throne. To rule over the land.

Hye Rung was an enigma to me. She detested Gwi yet did the deeds that he requested her to do faithfully. Although, she appeared to be loyal to him on the surface. Yet, she fell in love with Prince Lee Yoon in the end.

Ho Jin, the house butler of Sung Yeol, was a likeable character. He was loyal and so cute whenever he wanted to help but was too frightened to move a muscle.

Overall, I would have liked the episodes to be less since the pace of the story got draggy from episode 6 onward. It suddenly got up to pace again towards the last few episodes and the whole story felt like sense from that point. However, it was interesting to note that the vampires could be killed by bullets. Huh?

What boggled me was that they moved like zombies. I shall not dwell on this anymore. Now, the scenes between Sung Yeol and Yang Sun were many and angst filled. Have I mention that the whole series was rather angst-filled? Now, the eyes of Sung Yeol were so gentle whenever he looked at her. Yang Sun was always looking at him with such care that it was amazing. Rare in our modern times.

I can’t believe that Gwi was also handsome to a fault. He did care about Hye Rung even if she didn’t reciprocate it.

Image by Etienne Marais from Pixabay

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