Casual Footwear for Daily Routines

I like to wear slippers or flip flops because I don’t have to touch my shoes and feel that dusty feeling on my hands.

Totally loving Fit Flops. White always look good. Rather, I look good with white shoes.


Now, we don’t always need to wear slippers. Shoes are good for running after the buses too.

FitFlop Heda

I like clothe shoes. They are so comfortable and don’t pinch my toes.

FitFlop F-Sporty

I like airy shoes. Sandals are my favourite go-to footwear.

FitFlop Elyna

Black is a safe colour to ensure that the dirty doesn’t get seen too easily. My favourite colour when it comes to daily casual footwear.

Image by Marika Godwin from Pixabay

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