Review of Possessed

So, I had watched a few related to ghosts before, so Netflix figured that it would be nice to watch Possessed. I’m rather impressed with it. The unlikely coupling of a woman who ran an online clothes store with a policeman who had problem sleeping at night.

Their first run-in with each other was hilarious. She thought that he looked like a thug and hit him with a mop while he was struggling with the culprit. The culprit didn’t get away in the end.

Eventually, they began to care for each other even though Seo-Jeong was not supposed to fall in love because it would mean her psychic capabilities and shaman powers would disappear. It took her a long time to accept her fate and although she told Pil-Seong to avoid her, it was tough. He had fallen in love with her. His gestures of covering her bicycle with a cushion and installing the bike lights were something that not every man would do unless told specifically. This kind of man exists only in dramas, ladies.

I’m cynical when it comes to men like that. But if you have a real life man who does such small gestures, please keep them close. They are rare to find and your offspring would be better off with this kind of men.

At first, I didn’t see a lot of possession of people. Just some psycho out to kill people just because he is a firm believer and admire Hwang Dae Du. There is little background on Hwang Dau Du but he did live in misery during his childhood.

Hwang Dae Du wanted control and he couldn’t get it in his life. When he was summoned by Geum Jo, Seo Jeong’s deceased mother who was ultimately consumed by Hwang Dae Du after he possessed her first in order to gain strength to jump from body to body should his host be killed, he started his killing spree using his MO until Pil Seong figured it out.

As he changed bodies, he managed to jump bodies at least 3 times, this guy was so meticulous that no one else could match up to him. Only Kam Nak Chun who was ultimately killed with the same MO could match up. Kam Nak Chun’s soul was summoned by Seo Jeong because Pil Seong felt he was the only one who could defeat Dae Du.

There were a number of deaths and this is a real sombre series that I’ve watched. Although the romance were cute and comical at times, the seriousness of how the main villain had to be brought home.

What bothered me was that the police didn’t do any forensics and just accepted the evidence from the CCTV and eye witnesses. I would say that should you ever need some sombre series, this is it.

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