Review of Black

In a spree of sorts to watch drama series with ghosts and this time, it’s the form of Grim Reapers. This is how Grim Reapers came about, well, at least for this series.

There are two types of Grim Reapers, those who are born, the pure types, and those who commit suicide. Those who committed suicide have to redeem themselves by collecting souls. Once they have collected a certain number of souls, they are deemed ready to move on. They will turn into their real selves and move on to the next stage.

The series is about Grim Reaper 444 whose reputation was about being the most heartless Grim Reaper among the sea of Grim Reapers. His only confidantes were just Grim Reaper 007 and the Rapper Grim Reaper, 416. 444 could do almost everything except drive a car.

He took over the body of Han Moo Gang who died when a sniper shot him in the head. This is like destiny as the series moved on. Kang Ha Ram and Han Moo Gang’s fates were intertwined more than 20 years ago although she had never met him before.

The series had flashbacks to 20 years ago that led to the current situation of Han Moo Gang, Black (444 decided that he liked this name), Kang Ha Ram and a few other characters. Kang Ha Ram had this special ability to see Grim Reapers but in their black shadow forms, this ability was only explained later in the series and I began to understand why and how.

Ha Ram never had a good relationship with her mother who was afraid of her abilities because people ostracized them. Ha Ram’s father supported his daughter and provided her a way to deal with seeing the shadows.

I quite like watching this because it was horror without the scary parts. It is mostly melodramatic and rather sad at some points because a number of the characters had to die in order for Ha Ram and Black to find out the truth that happened 20 years ago.

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