Review of The Rising of The Shield Hero

Since it’s been some time I’ve watched any anime, I decided to try out The Rising of the Hero Shield. To my surprise, it was rather good. The series is mostly about the Shield Hero who was summoned along with other Heroes to the world filled with magic and demi-humans.

The other Heroes included Spear Hero, Sword Hero and Bow Hero. These three were accepted by the King who summoned them but the King was biased against the Shield Hero due to previous experience with the previous Shield Hero.

The King would go along with his spoilt elder daughter, Malty, and sentenced judgement on the Shield Hero without any investigations about the allegations. Throughout the series, Shield Hero would wander around cleaning up the mess that the others made and gained experience with the help of his slave, Raphtalia, and gained another friend, Filo, who hatched from an egg.

He met a few characters and some lecturing from the Queen of Filolals, Fitoria. Naofumi began to see that he had not tried to explain himself to the others. Although Spear Hero was always blinded by the beauty of Malty and always believed her lies.

My favourite character to hate was Malty and her outrageous flirtatious ways just to get things done her way. The King was so blinded by his hatred of Shield Hero that he believed Malty without fail.

I have a reason to believe that Naofumi was written to be the main character and the rest were just side characters. The growth of his strength and his lack of using combo skills was funny in some ways. He did learn to use combo skills in the end.

I kept looking at the arm where the shield was tied to Naofumi and I wondered how did he sleep if he can’t remove the shield?

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