Review of Ancient Detective

It has been too long since I watched any martial arts drama. This was a short series. That I pretty much enjoyed. It is about a handsome guy Jian Bu Zhi, 简不知, with amnesia looking for his background story regarding the death of his father eight years ago trying to find the witnesses.

With the mind of a detective, he solved a few murders along the way to find out the truth. What’s an ancient drama without the mysterious ways of how the people died with seemingly invisible forces?

The closeness of Jian Bu Zhi and Zhao Wo Huan, 照我还, was comical at times when Wo Huan tried to protect Bu Zhi, but Zhan Shi Qi, 展十七, would be the one protecting him instead. Shi Qi was an assassin from the Zhan Division but when she fell in love with Bu Zhi, she left the Division with a price on her head.

Along the way, due to Bu Zhi’s intelligence and gentle demeanor, obviously, there had to be another girl in love with him, a physician nicknamed Wicked Woman, Gong Que, 宫雀. She was witty and excellent stitching skills with open wounds.

Another physician, Ye Xiao Xiao, 叶潇潇, would accompany them along the way in the quest to cure Bu Zhi’s poisons due to him being placed with a Gu Poison by the fake corpse traveller which in turn, lead to the Ice Palm poison being placed on Bu Zhi when the old man whose name I forgot slapped him with it to slow down the Gu worm’s actions. The old man died, I think.

So, this led them on a journey to solve Bu Zhi’s history and his poisons. The journey involved a series of friends making and solving murders. The conclusion was a little like Samoyeds. Although, this was a different way of presenting the history and it made sense. Samoyeds didn’t make sense with the ending.

Now, the finale of this series was rather open-ended and I truly wonder if they will have a season 2 for Ancient Detective 侠探简不知. With just 24 episodes, it was enjoyable and the eye candy made it easy too. While some might complain about the lack of martial arts skills with Bu Zhi, I found that it flowed because that’s where we could see Wo Huan’s improvements in his skills in wielding that large knife/sword/spear thingy.

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