Review of Pinocchio

There have been so many shorts of K dramas via Facebook that I had to watch this. The first episode was interesting but it had flashbacks. This is about a false syndrome of Pinocchio where a person lies and hiccups. Hence, the character is unable to lie outright.

The actual Pinocchio syndrome is not about lying and showing that you lie outright. Now, this series is about how the truth of the fire at a waste disposal was covered up and someone who could not lie outright was shown only part of the viewpoint and it was made use of.

This “truth” was distorted to the advantage of someone who wanted to cover up the real reason why the fire broke out and caused a huge explosion that caused the lives of 10 firefighters. One of them obviously belonged to the family of the main character, Choi Dal Po/Ki Ha Myeong.

This led to how Dal Po as he was known for years before he became a reporter went to a TV show to display his powers of knowledge. That hairstyle before his change was outrageous. I am guessing it was to hide his real identity. The pain of losing his parents was indeed painful for anyone.

Ironically, as typical of any drama, the main character met and fell in love with the next main character of his arch enemy, Choi In Ha, the daughter of the reporter who shifted the focus of the real cause of the explosion to how Ha Myeong’s father was to be blamed for leading the team into the fire.

The series had a number of flashbacks and how handsome that smile of Ha Myeong was. I think the writers mostly made use of his looks rather than using the plot to move the series along.

I could not get into the groove of this series and only watched it because there was nothing else that attracted me at the moment. If you are a fan of Lee Jong Suk, you might as well watch this since a lot of focus was on him. The feel of Ha Myeong and In Ha being in love was more of angst and yet there were times when they seemed to spark while other times there was a lack of chemistry between them.

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