Review of Doctor Stranger

Since I had been watching Korean series, Netflix would showcase a series of K dramas. Not that I dislike them, at least they don’t contain a long series of revenge and melodramas and draggy dramas that last a lifetime.

So, since I was watching K series already, I decided to watch this. Unfortunately, the only interesting part was where Park Hoon was doing surgery by way of extorting payment from the mafia that sought his services. The first two episodes were rather draggy but probably vital to how he escaped from North Korea to South Korea, his rightful birthplace.

His skills as a doctor were superb and there had to be a rival somewhere. Throughout the series, he searched for his love, Song Jae Hee and their lives were turned upside down again. I have no idea why I can’t distinguish the females in this series though.

Personally, I found this rather wearisome series with weird logic. Probably thinking too much logically these days. I would say, watch this if you are into the medical politics and Lee Jong Suk.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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