Review of Miss Sherlock

I love this Japanese adaptation of Sherlock. It was cutting as Sherlock had always been one not to be bothered with unnecessary things. Wato was also a female and she was written to be someone who never learned to analyse the details half as well as Sherlock. The writer didn’t seem to love Wato, IMO.

This was rather short and the potential to have a second season. I love how the character of the landlord was so light-hearted and warming to the tenants.

Sherlock was always the calm figure and she was never under pressure despite being placed in the position of a time limit. I would never be able think through with this kind of limit.

With limited time to watch, this series is a good one to catch.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the lead actress had passed away. May she RIP.

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

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