Review of Triad Princess

I thought the synopsis was interesting and finally decided to watch it. The first episode contained the kickass Angie. I love the character because she doesn’t need any of her dad’s followers to help her with those lechers and all.

When the cat callers kept coming on to her at her table while she was eating, I thought that there would be some action. Her response was to prove to Ms Kwong that she was the right person for the job as a bodyguard.

Now, the side characters, Lin Gui and Ding Ding were actually lovers but their on-screen chemistry was just off. They didn’t feel close. While Lin Gui was the more lecherous one, Ding Ding felt less lovey toward him. Aren’t they supposed to be lovers? I guess I have been spoilt by The Untamed.

While Xu Yi Hang was supposed to be the lead, he felt more like a side dish than anything. Even Ling Yun had more dimensions in the short series than Yi Hang. How on earth does one fall in love with a bodyguard that fast and sleep together so fast?

The action scenes were few, to my utter disappointment. I thought that by being Ling Yun’s bodyguard, there would be more dangers involved for Angie to showcase her martial arts skills. Wasn’t that the point of the synopsis?

I have no idea what happened to Ling Yun’s son since Angie had sent Lin Gui to look for the kid and it was never shown or stated how the kid was. I mean, you wrote the kid in and left his side of his story out? Or did I miss anything?

I thought that the other syndicate would find out Angie had run away from home before she returned home so that the tension of their union would be there. However, there wasn’t any besides the “fatty” who was not longer a fatty but swoon-worthy enough to be a rival for Yi Hang. Eddie Kim had grown into a different man.

In the end, there was just talk between the rivals. Yi Hang was never in danger and he never had to fight over anything just to win back Angie. He felt like some weak main lead.

The series was fortunately/unfortunately 6 episodes long and I was shocked at the ending. Whaddaya mean with that cliffhanger? So, Eddie was really some baddie who was out to control the mafia world or what? Or he was simply after Angie’s life all along?

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