Review of Rugal

This was one Korean drama that made me root for that main character, Kang Gi Bom. My gosh, his use of the AI eyes that he received after being blinded was so awesome and how he treated the AI as something that should listen to him instead of him listening to the voice.

The way he handled the situation after being devastated by the death of his wife. The way he handled the life after being accepted into Rugal, a secret police task force that was elite in every way because the four of them, Gi Bom had the AI eyes that Hwang Deuk Gu lusted after, Han Tae Woo had an artificial arm that was powerful, Song Mi Na had chips in her head with one of the chips linking the emotions that Gi Bom would go through and that boyish Lee Gwang Chul with artificial internal organs and needed a wireless battery back.

Now, the brains behind the biotech was Doctor Oh with his two assistants, Bradley and Susan. Chief Choi Cheun Chil headed the team and often, his decisions would clash with Gi Bom because Gi Bom felt that such decisions were heartless.

Tae Woo had utter trust with Chief Choi and would do anything to protect him and Rugal at any cost. Yet, he would trust that Gi Bom would do the right thing and had the faith in him till the end.

Mi Na would question the decisions at time but she would never go outright against Chief Choi although, in the end, she started to work with Gi Bom. I felt pity for Gwang Chul because he found this random girl with a nice disposition only to lose her in the end.

Chief Choi was an enigma to me until I saw the end. He had his own reasons to keep Rugal safe. Susan was cold and rarely seen on screen, a pity because she had the hacking skills that I wish to have. Not that I want to hack illegally. Although, legal hackers are highly paid.

Bradley was another character that didn’t have much screen time but he was getting to understand Gi Bom better and had more character development than Susan. Doctor Oh was an excellent doctor who cared about the lives of the volunteers for the biotech installation. His patients were at least living and not gone crazy unlike Hwang Deuk Gu’s experiments.

Deuk Gu knew Doctor Oh’s skills were excellent and had him kidnapped just to serve his purpose. He managed the mind controlling success with Min Dal Ho, a character whom I felt pity for because he was to be an undercover in Argos, the main mafia organisation that supposedly killed Gi Bom’s wife, which in the end, one of them did.

Dal Ho only recovered himself when Doctor Oh reversed the condition. The doctor that kept making the experiment specimens go mad was utterly useless and never improved himself. Dal Ho lost his life in the end. Oh man, he was one drool-worthy character whom I wished he could have escaped Deuk Gu.

Now, the heiress of Argos was supposed to be Choi Ye Won and she was the heiress but in name. Deuk Gu was mostly running the show because no one could kill him and he was ruthless. Seriously, this is one villain that was so strong that even combining the main forces of Rugal was not enough to bring him down.

There was the constant cat and mouse game with Deuk Gu and Gi Bom because of those eyes and Deuk Gu would always talk about Gi Bom’s wife in possible hopes that Gi Bom might break down. I have no idea. But Deuk Gu wanted power and control. He was always in control of Ye Won.

Ye Won had tried multiple ways to bring him down but she never succeeded. Ye Won was someone who wanted control back into her hands. When she knew that Gi Bom could be that someone, she made use of him. However, Gi Bom never let her have any advantage over him.

This was one series that I looked forward to.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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