Review of Border

It’s not easy to find Japanese dramas these days. There are more Korean dramas than Japanese dramas. I can’t say that there are lousy Korean drams, it’s just that I prefer the shorter dramas produced. So far I have not been disappointed by some of the Korean dramas that I have watched so far.

So, to my surprise, I decided to try out Border. It’s rather dark and no overacting which is so common in Japanese dramas when they adapt from anime to live action. Full Metal Alchemist is one example.

Border centers on this guy who is a detective and in the first episode, he was shown following someone and got shot by another hooded guy. He survived the shot but the bullet is embedded in his head. This began his encounters with the dead only after he had seen the body.

The spirits would give him clues about their deaths and sometimes, the culprit who killed them although he would need to find concrete evidence. He would talk to the coroner who believed him even when he was vague about what he could do or see.

He would always solve the cases but as the series progressed, he found out who shot him. The interesting thing is that whenever a spirit appeared, he would hear a ringing sound. The last two episodes dealt with real world problems such as the rich and powerful getting away with crimes. Rather vexing since he has a high level of justice in him.

The last episode dealt with this obnoxious criminal that he could not find concrete evidence to prove that he was the criminal even though the spirit practically pointed at him.

It left with a cliff hanger and there was a special to give us closure.

Now, the side characters were interesting, like that pair who were great at using technology to search for information. They always include this in modern shows that require awesome searchers these days. This pair is rather righteous though.

There is another guy who would find evidence or be able to plant evidence if there was nothing found in the forensic. Finally, this head who had all the connections in the world. While they worked in the dark, they had a sense of justice and they liked to use it to catch the culprits.

Usually they would charge an amount but when a kid was killed, they worked for free.

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

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