Review of Legal V

Since I was admiring the lead actress on Doctor X, I had to know if the model actress acted in other series. So, she did. This time, as a disbarred lawyer in Legal V.

They tend to play her love for high heels in this series too. However, her fashion sense was less visible in this series. As the disbarred lawyer, Shoko Takanashi, she worked a way around into getting back into the court room without practicing law. Shoko Takanashi was obsessed with money and would only show interest in a case if it meant the law firm that she had managed to convince the multi certified ex professor, Masahiko Kyogoku, to open and hired specialists with questionable backgrounds but excellent in performing according to their expertise.

This series is just 10 episodes long with the last episode explaining why she was disbarred in the first place. Shoko was a fan of the 100 Crime Scene series and she showed more emotions when she received something related to that show. In one of the episodes, she loved the key chain that she won and was unwilling to part with it to gain information.

Her law firm often went head to head against Felix and Temma Law Firm. Their search for winning the law suits often end up with some ridiculous stalking and obvious stalking. I have no idea how they got away from being discovered that they were following someone of interest.

This was interesting to watch since there is a lot less politics involved. There are some court room drama. There is this Keita Aoshima who listened to Shoko when she gave him advice. He was more into helping the clients than Shoko’s interest in the case for the money. However, if she suspected something was up with the statements that the clients made, she would find ways to find out.

Overall, I appreciate that it was just 10 episodes long. A good conclusion to the series.

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