Review of Psycho Pass

I had the opportunity of watching the weird futuristic Psycho Pass, サイコパス, as recommended by Netflix because my tastes in watching anime runs wide. There isn’t much Japanese dramas on Netflix or I have not watched enough for Netflix to recommend them. The Korean dramas tend to run rampant on my recommendation though.

Not sure why Psycho Pass appeared, perhaps I chose a few SciFi series? So, this was about how the country was governed by an entity called Sibyl and each person is classified according to how their level of stress were defined in terms of numbers. The higher the stress level, the higher the chance one would be declared as a criminal.

It started with Akane Tsunemori who just joined the Ministry of Welfare Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Department, MWSBCID, I believe the Japanese acronym (MWPSB) is different. She followed the rules but on the ground there were some situations that did not allow her to abide the rules. Yet, her Psycho Pass remained clear as it can be seen in Season 2. Apparently, there is a Season 3 that Netflix does not have.

Akane started to know Kogami and she was upset that he left at the end of Season 1 and appeared in her mind when she was trying to solve the issues in Season 2 fighting against Kamui, an antagonist who had a clear Psycho Pass no matter what his crimes were according to the system.

Season 1 was about fighting against Makishima who was always a step ahead of them. This series was rather intriguing in terms where everyone was judged by the system and only a few were rebelling against the system because it labelled them as criminals.

There were sacrifices along the way where the special guns, Denominators were used in different forms based on the levels of the Psycho Pass. The higher the numbers, the chances of being annihilated were higher.

Akane would start to question herself until she matured in Season 2. Her detective skills were rather good as she could see what went behind the heads of the people she had to investigate without clouding her hue.

Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

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