Review of Better Than Us

Since I was watching related series on robots, this was recommended by Netflix. At first, I was mystified by the words not in sync with the mouths of the actors. That’s when I realised that it was a Russia series.

I must say, it’s rather good. The series was rather dark about humans being taken over their jobs by the androids and robots. I guess it’s safer to have a sex robot than a real one who might have STD.

There is of course a group of humans who are not happy that their jobs are taken over by robots who can work longer and not take any off days. They called themselves The Liquidators and are led by Bars. Someone whom Gleb, the sponsor and main leader who made Bars the Squad Leader.

Now, Gleb is the kind of complicated guy. Yet, it is not difficult to see that he only does things for himself and is able to plan ahead. He does not care for insubordination and was even willing to make Zhanna, Bars’ sister into the leader of The Liquidators.

Arisa, the first and only emphatic robot was sent to Cronos, Viktor Toropov, who was happy with a new purchase. She was made in China. This information is important. The delivery guy wanted to take a chance with her when she was charging halfway. This guy, Sergi was one heck of a horny guy, with a pregnant girlfriend/wife, he wanted Arisa.

Now, Arisa would have none of that and she strangled him. I must say, he deserved that although probably death was too easy for him. Arisa promptly ran off after killing him. The other delivery guy returned to find his friend dead. He suspected that the runaway robot was responsible but could not prove it.

Viktor returned to find his new toy gone and he wanted blood. Not his first time. So, this began the chase of finding Arisa and yet, Viktor was unable to get Arisa back for most part. She had identified a family and she connected with a young girl named Sonia.

Sonia bonded with Arisa who took it upon herself to integrate into the family. Sonia loved Arisa and they would play together. Georgy was not happy with Arisa because he had a dislike for robots. While he used them for work, he does not like them. He also had a dispute with Viktor because Viktor’s son died while in surgery despite Georgy’s efforts in trying to save the boy.

This began a series of incidents and the police that led them to Cronos in the subsequent years. As the series continued, Viktor was shown to be cold-hearted and only cared about himself. His wife no longer loved him since losing their child and despite his efforts, he built her a child robot. Eventually, his wife started to love the robot child.

What I like is that the series introduced hand gestures to turn on/off, change TV channels. So cool. The TV were also not physically there, they just display on any space. Like what Xiaomi TV is like. I like this concept. The other cool concept is that the mobile phones are like glass too. The wearables display text messages and practically do what we have been trying to have. Voice activated instructions and all.

It took some time for Georgy to find out that Arisa was made in China and it started to make sense why she did not obey the Laws of Robotics. She was not meant to obey the three laws in the first place. She was a learning robot.

This series was enjoyable to watch although the pace was slow at times.

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