Review of The School Nurse Files

I wasn’t really going to watch this but then again, short series capture my heart. This captured my heart. It’s a light hearted series about this school nurse who can see monster in the forms of jellies. Those jellies look cute most of the time.

She wields this toy sword that lights up to smash those jellies into oblivion. Those jellies don’t know what’s coming. See the trailer below.

The School Nurse Files Trailer

What’s amazing is that the students whom she initially helped were drawn to her. Although they don’t have the friends kind of relationship, they do believe in her abilities.

Eun Young gets drawn to Hong Ip Pyo, the grandson of the school’s founder. The school was built on top of a pond and throughout the series, different monsters appear because of that pond’s hole that was found in the basement.

The two of them would fight, technically, she was the one getting rid of the jellies, while he recharged her with his forcefield. I’m not sure if I missed out on why he had a forcefield on him and she could see it. Due to this forcefield, she was able to defeat the ugly monster that came out from the hold in the basement when she shot it with a toy gun and pellet.

How she came about to use the toy sword and gun was explained later in the series, her old classmate was the one who gave her the idea because he drew her a short series. He was the only one who believed in her abilities even though he could not see the jellies.

One of the comic relief was that the ducks kept appearing. I love that blue whale that appeared floating at night around the school.

I have no idea if this would have a second season.

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