Review of Tales of Arang

So, I debated with myself if I should watch Korean shows. In the end, this won. Partially because of the dreamy eye Lee Joon Gi. I watched The Scholar who Walks the Night and caught on.

The beginning was fine enough with a bit of background on Kim Eun Oh who had the special ability to see and hear ghosts. He could also fight them if he wanted. However, he would ignore them and on his way with his loyal servant, Dol Se, who was a scaredy cat when it comes to ghosts.

He first met Arang who was running away from Mu Young, the head of the Grim Reapers, and avoided her easily. As she was busy running away, she had no idea that he had seen her and the Grim Reaper.

Generally, the partnership only began when Arang made Eun Oh the magistrate by making the Shaman, Bang Wool, declaring to the 3 minions of Lord Choi that Eun Oh was the one who was destined to be the magistrate.

It was rather painful to watch by episode 10 and it took Eun Oh so long to finally meet his mother who was already taken over by the runaway Mu Yeon, the fairy who wanted to experience emotions and feelings. It took a further 10 episodes just to finally resolve the issue.

Personally, I felt that the situation was rather draggy and could have been completed in 12 to 15 episodes. I do like the main opening theme song. Although, it felt weird when the music in between some scenes were rather trendy.

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