Review of Bofuri

The longest title for an anime that I’ve ever watched. This began with a school girl who bought an AR game because her friend convinced her. Initially, her friend could not join her because her mother wanted her to improve on her studies before she was allowed to play games again.

So, Kaeda had the sense to use a nickname which was just an English name for her character in the game, NewWorld Online. It was her first time playing and she decided to max out her defenses with her gained points. This ended up with her using the initial loopholes in the game that allowed her to use powerful defenses to defeat the enemies and gained more weird powers as she progressed throughout the game.

Her friend, nicknamed, Sally, in the game world eventually joined her and they teamed up as they participated in the game’s quests and guild challenges. They added a few friends to their guild when the game allowed the creation of guilds later on. They were a small guild but managed to stay in the final guild challenge with strategies that Sally came up with.

The series did not just focus on them playing the game but also some parts of their lives apart from playing the game. However, the main focus was still Maple (nickname in game) and Sally playing the game in VR mode and discovering hidden quests, dungeons and other things that other players never found except for Maple’s insane luck in finding them.

This was an enjoyable short series.

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