Review of Tunnel

This Korean time travel series was engaging and based on crime. I like crime genre series and this was based in two time lines. The way the main character had to solve a series of murders was rather exciting since he had only clues to the killer.

The killer was only revealed towards the end and based on the clues leading up the revealing who he was, it was rather much like Dexter whereby the killer had in depth knowledge on how to avoid being detected and point the clues to other seemingly potential killers.

Up to a certain point, there was a copycat and that was when things started to get interesting. The main character had a few chances to travel back to his original timeline and save his wife and even find out that he had a child.

The concern he had for his child when he didn’t find out yet was interesting because he only felt a concern as an elder figure because he was supposed to be older in the future. He was protective of her when the younger detective seemed to care for his daughter by contacting her more often than he liked.

The series had a complete closure and I rather like it this way.

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