Review of The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

It is rather difficult to find good Chinese movies and drama in Netflix. Especially after watching The Untamed. It seemed to have set the standard. Since it was about two handsome men watching out for each other despite their initial rocky start.

So, the Yin Yang Master has this two men for some reason who looked similar or it could be my imagination because of their same hairstyle, one hated the other because of his origins. The other was not hating him, just indifferent because he had been receiving such animosity since young because his mother was a fox spirit/demon depending on how you view it.

This is a movie, so there wasn’t much about the background but I appreciate the writers for putting in some background so that I can understand what is going on. Now, the two of them mostly dressed in black and white. Yin and Yang.

Qingming was always in white and he had the ability to use the protection spell as a portal instead of as a shield. This later cost his master’s life who protected him against the serpent who was breaking the shield. Boya was always in black and moody, the typical stern man who doesn’t take any nonsense.

The tone of this movie was rather sombre and perhaps not enough to depict how Boya became friends with Qingming despite Shouye’s attempts at separating the Yin Yang Masters from different sects. Personally, I find Boya looks so manly when holding the bow and arrow. Totally loving the OST, I’m rather partial towards the flute.

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