Review of Partners for Justice

I have watched season one and totally love this. Season one was about how Baek Beom being the grumpiest forensic doctor and the most meticulous one in the department. Eun Sol was unable to accept his abrupt manners and often clashed with him especially on her first case.

It was unfortunate for the dead wife of Oh Man Sang that she died of a misadventure despite her efforts at taking revenge on her abusive husband. The character of Oh Man Sang was someone whom you can hate easily because he abuses his wealth powers. An arrogant guy who deserved to be beaten up if you can get away with it.

Throughout season one, Baek Beom had proven that even if he took hours to do an autopsy, his examination withstood the queries. He would find the cause of death where possible. In Season two, he faced an opponent whom he started to understand with each autopsy. He was the only other person who understood Doctor K and knew that he was only a “cleaner”.

In season two, Eun Sol had improved on her skills and her initial clash with Sally, the new toxicologist was funny in some ways because of Sally’s crush on Baek Beom. Baek Beom on the other hand, had no interest in getting involved in any relationship. He focused on his job and his office was always full of books.

Kal Dae Cheol was one character that I love to hate in season two. His self entitlement was getting on my nerves and he stole all the credits every time. There were only a few times where Baek Beom’s final examination were able to to put him in his place.

Jang Cheol was one character whom I could sympathise with. Aside from his eye candy looks. He was manipulated by Kal Dae Cheol who truly was the bad guy still waiting to be punished. If there is a season three, I want to watch although the original director has left.

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