Review of The Dragon Hunting Well

So, I was browsing for movies to watch on iQiyi. Watching dramas for free on that is a pain when the history is erased after 7 days. Some of the dramas require paid subscription. Then I found The Dragon Hunting Well. The title caught my eye. Dragons are my genre and I started watching it.

This guy, a medical student, Sun Yi Cheng, was on his way to supply medical goods to Fog Town. What he didn’t know was that it was meant for patients to be isolated and to die. Before he left, he witnessed the priest conducting a ritual. The villagers were superstitious and believed the priest that they had to cast off the patients in order to appease the dragon in the well.

Upon reaching Fog Town, Sun Yi Cheng had no regards for medical safety and that set him off on the wrong foot with Doctor Zuo who was there to cure the patients. Soon, the monster appeared. It unleashed a chain of events leading to the group being separated into two. One group consisted of patients and the other group of security who were appointed by the mayor to keep them in the Fog Town until the patients have all died.

It was only when the monster destroyed their only mode of transport, the ferry, that they were still stuck in the town. The number of people dwindled as they got eaten up by the monster. I think it is a hybrid of crocodile and dinosaur.

I must say, Eric Suen has aged and no longer look quite dashing.

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