Review of Space Sweepers

This movie had the elements of space, future and fancy space travel machines. It showed how Earth was already dying from all the pollution and Mars, the planet that was growing with plants was being publicised as the only place to live in by this one Scientist James Sullivan whose accomplishments were great.

One of the news reporters went up from Earth to interview him but he had questions on why Earth was not being saved. Earth kept receiving the debris that were collected from space and Mars. Nothing was being done to try and revive the plants or any way to resolve the rubbish being sent to Earth. Sullivan was offended and had a special one to one session with this reporter and when the reporter accused him even after Sullivan showed the growth on Mars, he questioned why the same technology could not be saved.

He accused Sullivan of trying to destroy Earth. Sullivan got angry and killed the man instead. He ordered his employees to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, the group of misfits, namely Captain Jang, Tae Ho, Tiger Park (full of tattoos) and the robot, Bubs, were the Space Sweepers who fought to earn enough money for their own problems. Tae Ho was trying to gather enough money to look for his daughter Suni. Bubs was trying to have enough to make herself look real.

Along the way, the crew somehow adopted Kot Nim, code named Dorothy because of her abilities to explode. Or so the UTS lead by Sullivan wanted the people to believe. She was later found to be the daughter of a doctor who injected nanobots into her dying body in a bid to save her. She recovered and was able to control the nanobots in the area and even save dying plants.

Sullivan wanted to destroy her and not use her. He wanted to be the only one to be known as the saviour. However, his plans were soon discovered and his grand plan to destroy Earth was exposed for using Kot Nim as the bomb.

What I liked about this movie was that thing in their ears. It was the translating device that allowed everyone to understand each other without a chicken and duck talking. Instant translation. So cool! If you are into plot holes, here you go.

I kept finding the character of Tae Ho familiar and finally realised that he had acted in Descendants of The Sun. While the story telling had some improvements, it totally has the elements of what I like to watch.

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