Review of Love in The Kitchen

Watched this on iQiyi and I felt it was rather rushed. The master of the house is rich and handsome. What a combo. The head chef is cute and can cook well. She is also able to dress well despite being a servant. It makes me confused because servants during that time were not allowed to dress well and she was able to dress so prettily.

There isn’t much subplots in this movie. The main plot is about how the cousin of the main character got kidnapped. There were no ransom notes and it was easy to see that the uncles who were not given the role of managing the family business that they had something to do with the kidnapping.

The male lead, Bai Sanqian, was the one who could manage the family business and he only loved to eat Qingzan’s cooking. They would always bicker and he would get uncomfortably close to her. In the early part, he would deny that he liked her. However, when she finally left because Yuzhen, the cousin of Sanqian was kidnapped because Qingzan let her out of the house even though Yuzhen was grounded.

It was amazing that she managed to open a small restaurant and Sanqian was able to find her. He left the house and even requested a grace of 30 days to find Yuzhen. Qingzan was innocent such that she actually let him sleep on the bed while she slept on the table. Eventually, Yuzhen was found while her father who had plotted the kidnapping in a bid to take over the family business had to leave them alone and be banned from taking over the family business and step foot into the main house again.

Now, throughout the movie, Sanqian accepted his feelings for Qingzan and eventually married her. I had hoped that somehow, Qingzan might have accidentally discovered Yuzhen or something. There was a lack of action and while some cooking parts were shown, this wasn’t that exciting. It could have done more with some action, some more cooking and probably some hero rescuing a damsel in distress. It gave this kind of aura but never delivered.

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